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Strategic Partnership Announcement: Metaforce x IFO









Metaforce is thrilled to announce a partnership with IFO, Initial Fans Offering, a fresh term created by our beloved backer, Icetea Labs. With IFO, project fans finally have the chance to get project tokens without any damage to their wallet. Let's find out what benefits IFO brings and how you can join.

What is IFO?

IFO, known as Initial Fans Offering is a newly innovated program by Icetea Labs to reward back to the real fans of the projects as they believe the loyal fans who support and contribute to the growth are the ones who really deserved to be rewarded. IFO carries a belief “where project tokens are awarded to the real fans”, the program targets users who truly love and support the projects. 

How to join IFO?

Joining IFO is as easy as staking certain coins in certain IFO pools, and completing some easy tasks IN METAFORCE to earn profitable rewards. 

IFO is different from everything that we have previously heard of such as IGO where users partake in whitelist events for token private sales for better gain in terms of financial. They hold the purpose of serving the real fans to the right projects, and Metaforce is proud to be the supporting platform for this right cause. As great news for Metaforce users going forward, IFO will hold all its marketing campaigns in Metaforce. This partnership brings immense earning opportunities for the Metaforce community. Metaforce will work closely with IFO in the hope of serving the GameFi community better.

About us

Metaforce is the first on-demand work-to-earn protocol for Web3 gaming. Allowing projects, players, and clans to onboard and engage with crypto gaming through creative earning while tracking real-time performance data and asset management. Metaforce is a platform where all Web3 devotees can benefit. Co-creating value for strategic decision-making in the crypto world and enabling platform users to leverage their knowledge, experience, and expertise in the Web3 gaming world.

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