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Launch of Metaforce’s Alpha Release Boosts Web3 Community





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Last October, Metaforce introduced the latest version of the platform to a network of exclusive partners after a long period of careful preparation. The latest version, named Alpha Release, is a culmination of the Metaforce team’s long-term efforts, coordinated R&D, and meticulous testing. This release contains three main features - Cross-Marketing, Multi-tenant GameStats Service with SDK, and Bug Hunter. 

In the Web3 world, communities play a vital role in the survival of GameFi projects. Without supporters, projects cannot prove whether their statements and claims are true or not. By strengthening their engagement and connection with communities, projects can not only boost business growth but also make strategic moves that benefit, attract and retain their users in the long run. 

To support this vision, we proudly introduce the Cross-Marketing service - kindling projects and communities, the GameStats Service with SDK - a stepping stone towards effortless collaboration, and Bug Hunter - a new task type that allows users to directly improve their favorite projects’ quality. 

Using Metaforce, projects are ensured a seamless integration process and access to top-notch quality service. Projects and users can rest assured that their performances are dedicated to future strategic decision-making. 

If you are curious about how Metaforce turns this visionary idea into reality and would like to become effortless with community engagement as well, please do not hesitate to hit that Sign Up button at the top right corner of our website or drop us a message if you would like to inquire more. 

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