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The blockchain and crypto market is currently going through a difficult time - it has now lost 2 trillion in value since the last peak on November 21, according to Forbes and Yahoo Finance. Coming from a company that supports Web3 projects throughout their lifecycle, Metaforce understands well how this bear market situation is affecting the industry in general. 

Launched in 2022, Metaforce immediately meets with a major obstacle - a downtrend. Projects reserve themselves to focus on building things that last, and investors are more “fearful” than ever. But we at Metaforce believe that “this lack of hype and market exuberance provides fertile conditions for developing innovative technological solutions” (Forbes). 

Communities play an indispensable part in the strategic growth of GameFi projects. When the market was hyped, investors were eager to build up their portfolios, and conversion rates rocketed. Now, they deserve more quality engagement and genuine interaction with projects. 

After taking the time to carefully evaluate the alternative solutions on the market, our team realized the need for a tool to build and engage with communities efficiently and effectively. That was how Metaforce was born. We exist to support Web3 projects’ communities throughout their lifecycle, starting with GameFi. The development process prioritizes member attraction and engagement. 

Metaforce is a web3 gaming work-to-earn protocol that exists to empower the next million people workforce. On the other end of the spectrum, we focus on delivering value for investors and “workers” - users to join in with Metaforce’s campaigns to “work” - engage with projects through the form of completing tasks and thereby earning rewards. We see this as a great opportunity for not only existing Web3 devotees but also the real-life, vulnerable workforce as well. People whose income had been affected by numerous factors require an alternative source of income to support their livelihood. 

In the process of building Metaforce, we have taken into consideration the stories and sufferings of our users, to bring about a platform that benefits all. In the future, we hope this can be of great use to the community and society.

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