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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions we've been asked.


We care for our players - our team works day and night to provide a holistic and seamless aproach that takes away the hassle.

We want to have 80% members are real human.

User attraction - as our ecosystem supports the full lifecycle of a project, this is the only piece that is missing.

You can visit our Pricing page for tiered packages or contact us at [email protected] for a more customized option.

Fire away! Contact us at minh[dot]ton[at]icetea[dot]io

Play Tasks in Event

When event finished (after EndDate), players cannot do tasks. Even if players manage to complete the task, no score is added to their total score.


You can reach out to us at minh[dot]ton[at]icetea[dot]io

For PlayerAttraction service, the bigger query result is, the more fee you should spend

You query and filter data from our CDP

Yes, we welcome you, no matter where you are at testnet or mainnet phase

Don't worry, we sponsor early adopters with fund

Contact minh[dot]ton[at]icetea[dot]io to book a conversation and discuss what suits best for your needs.

Post information about your events, campaigns, rewards for joining on the portal. The system records the number of users onboarding your events to the Customer Data Platform. This data can now be used for future campaigns and events.


Go to your Clan Master page and click on Ads Management. From there, follow the steps to setup your ad and complete with billing method.


Click the "Sign up" button on the top right corner of the website. You can choose to sign up your account with your Gmail address or your Metamask wallet. Your account will be create instantly.

The option you choose upon registration will be the login method for your account. If you change your login method, another account will be created.

Play and work themselves are two very different approaches towards earning. Working leverages your method in the Web3 gaming world and expands your potential opportunities.

Clan Master

As an owner or an admin, you can organize players from your Clan Master page. To save you time, you can apply changes to one or more players at once. Active Member: Player has accepted invite to join your clan. Pending Member: Player has not yet accepted the invite to join your organization. You must be an admin or owner to make changes to the Clan Master page. If you're an user, you'll see a Members page instead of a Clan Master page, and you won't be able to make any edits on this page.

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