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Community Monitoring Service

Not just KYC, we help you know your community!

Telegram community monitoring

Finding real users in your community and reward good contributors
Identify bot and inactive users, which not contribute anything to your community
Our bot report to community admin with deep insight about their userbase. Community admin have proven data-driven input to encourage invaluable people in their community.
Community admin also have a big picture about their community, know who join and who left (via API), and ability to identify and improve the not-so-good pieces of their userbase.

For community owner

Visualize your community health to a comprehensive dashboard

Telegram group dashboard


Telegram channel dashboard

Post frequency. Post interaction. Post reach.

Twitter performance

Post frequency. Follower by time.

For project owner

Community health/performance

Social tasks contribute to user XP

The more social contribution to project, the more XP user gain

Social performance of community contribute to project XP

Post frequency. Followers by time

Community health

Vibrant level, statistic of behaviors and activities.

Programmatic API to access social health data

Reliable API, enhanced by data of Metaforce social tasks. Add social metrics to your competitive dashboard of your game.