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To ensure both projects and workers truly distinguish themselves, Metaforce goes the extra mile to provide top-notch services and a dedicated support team. We constantly strive to become your go-to earning platform through restless innovation and transformation in line with market trends.

What we offer

Metaforce Tasks

This is a tool for projects to host events on the Metaforce portal. Metaforce Tasks also includes in-game data, P2P support, and advanced analytics that allow projects to avoid fake completions and true workers to be rewarded.

Game Statistics

This service’s SDK and data analytics collect user performance data and generate reports which thereby supports projects in decision-making. Projects can rely on its fault tolerance mechanism and versatility.

Cross-marketing & Community-monitoring

Metaforce expands the exposure outreach and enlarges the opportunity list. In addition, Metaforce offers community-monitoring tools for projects to ensure true workers are always retained and fake users are removed.

Content platform

More often than not, the clarity issue lies heavily in the lack of information rather than the lack of communication. Posting on Metaforce, users can view content from the Games, Clans, or Insights page.

Monthly Pricing

$99/mo$299/mo$499/moContact sales
Metaforce tasksSocial tasksSocial tasks Quiz/Form In-game tasks Transaction tasksSocial tasks Quiz/Form In-game tasks Transaction tasks Mini-game (Coming soon) Bug hunterAll task types Mini-game (Coming soon)
Offchain statistics (In-Game data)
Support to integrate Offchain SDKin Community Tech Support GroupPrivate GroupPrivate Group
IFO program & Cross-marketingContact Sales
Community monitoringContact Sales
Augmented Web3 Content platform5 articles/mo10 articles/mo15 articles/moContact sales
DeepBlue (Coming soon)

What sets us apart

“Of all the things that can boost emotions, motivation, and perceptions during a workday, the single most important is making progress in meaningful work.”
- Teresa Amabile

Joining Metaforce, projects are exposed to a range of cutting-edge, well-thought-of features and services offerings that enable them to engage deeper and grow further. Workers are granted the ability to make the most of their inner potential, both in leveraging their expertise and creating monetary value to support their livelihood. Provided a dedicated support team with a high level of experience and expertise, we strongly believe we shall build an end-to-end, quality-driven, and long-term win-win relationship.