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Bring true fans for your project lifetime.
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The first On-Demand Work-To-Earn Protocol for Web3

Allowing projects, players, and clans to onboard and engage with crypto gaming through creative earning while tracking real-time performance data and asset management.

Where all Web3 devotees can benefit

Co-creating value for strategic decision-making in the crypto world and enabling platform users to leverage their knowledge, experience, and expertise in the Web3 gaming world.

What does Metaforce bring?

Build real communities
Enhanced user experience
Boost engagement quality
Microtask marketplace
Decentralized on-demand stafffing
Generate sustainable income

Why do we build Metaforce?

Metaforce is backed by Icetea Labs - the pioneer in the Asian blockchain industry, an ecosystem that supports the entire project lifecycle. Through experience, we realized that most Web3 projects fail young because they cannot attract, engage, or retain users.

On the other hand, the pandemic has induced massive job losses among lower-paid workers all over the globe despite strong job retention measures have been introduced or extended to preserve employment. With a view to supporting low-paid workers and compensating for the wage bill that was lost, Metaforce offers opportunities to earn sustainably with Web3 games through simple task completion and more.

Through measures aimed at solving Web3 project longevity and reduced worker income, Metaforce enables a human-centered journey to not only mitigate the impact of the crisis but to also introduce a new and better “way-to-earn”. By setting adequate and balanced rewards through an evidence-based approach, we go a long way to ensure users achieve their full potential.